Wooden Shoes with Leather Strap

Wooden Shoes with Leather Strap
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These are certainly the most comfortable wooden shoes made. The top of the shoe is carved out and replaced with a leather strap, which holds the shoe snugly on your foot. These shoes are for people with extremely high insteps. We only carry the adult sizes, as listed below.

To order your shoes, trace your foot on a piece of paper, and measure the outline from toe to heel in centimeters. Add one cm to the measurement for comfort.

Wooden shoes should not fit tightly. There should be a gap the width of your thumb behind your heel after you insert your foot. You should also wear a heavy pair of wool socks for comfort. If your shoes are a bit too large, you can add a second or third pair of socks to tighten the fit.

The price for wooden shoes is dependent on their size. For the total cost, start with base price of $51.95, choose your size from the drop down list, add the price in parenthesis to arrive at the total price.

If you are not certain about the pricing or sizing, contact us at (616)396-1475 and ask for the wooden shoe shop.

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If you would like to purchase an item and the "order" button is not displayed, it is temporarily out of stock. Please contact us at 616-396-1475 with any questions.

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