Wooden Shoes - Dutch Hats - Slippers

Q: Why do the Dutch wear wooden shoes?

A: To keep the woodpeckers off their heads! (hey, we can say that, we're Dutch!)

Wooden shoes keep your feet dry, can be left outside when dirty, and dry nicely. All perfect reasons that wooden shoes make great gardening shoes!

We stock a wide range of wooden shoes right here in Holland, Michigan USA! Don't order from overseas and pay too much; not only for the shoes, but they charge a fortune for shipping. Made out of poplar wood, we import thousands of wooden shoes by the container load from the Netherlands.

We carry wooden shoes in 9 different styles, colors and designs. We also carry slippers!

Cozy Warm Dutch Slippers
Wooden Shoes Farmer Decoration
Item#0205 _____
Wooden Shoes Windmill Decoration
Item#0202 ______
Wooden Shoes Plain Wood Sanded
Item#0201 ________
Wooden Shoes - VOC - dark brown
VOC Shoes
Varnished Farmer Shoes
Varnished Farmer Wooden Shoes
Item#1250 ____
Red Wooden Shoes with Tulip and Windmill Design
Red Wooden Shoes with Tulip and Windmill Desgin
Varnished Wooden Shoes with Tulip and Windmill Design
Varnished Wooden Shoes with Tulip and Windmill Design
Item#1240 ____
Wooden Shoes Tulip Decoration
  • Limited Availability
  • Tulip Decoration Wooden Shoes
  • Item#0209 ___
    Regular price:$34.95
    Sale price:$24.95
    Souvenir Personalized Wooden Shoes
    Personalized Souvenir Wooden Shoes
    Men's Dutch Hats
    Men's Dutch Hats
    Item#men's hat
    Women's Dutch Hat
    Women's Dutch Hat
    Item#women's hat
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