Dutch Candy and Mints

The Dutch are famous for their sweet tooth! Walk through a train station in the Netherlands and you'll see - candy shops galore, and everyone stopping to pick up a 'snoepje.'

Babbelaars, Hopjes, Wilhelmina Mints and Anise treats are but just a few of the specialties. Hopjes are a wonderful coffee-flavored candy, and Wilhelmina mints are just the right flavor of mint and have a crunchy coating.
Katja Farm Mix Candy
Katja Feest Biggetjes
Katja Yoghurt Gums
Babbelaar- Dutch Butterscotch Candy
Babbelaar Butterscotch Hard Candy
Item#Babbel Bulk
Hopjes- Coffee Flavored Candy
Hopjes Coffee Flavored Hard Candy
Item#Hopjes Bulk
Wilhelmina Peppermints- Bulk
Wilhelmina Peppermints
King Original Peppermint Rolls- 4 Pack
King Original Peppermint Rolls
Wilhelmina Pepermunt (Peppermint) Box- 100g
Wilhelmina Pepermunt (Peppermints)
Wilhelmina Mints in Blue and White Tin - 15.8 oz
Wilhelmina Mints in Blue Delft Tin - 15.8 oz.
Wilhelmina Softmints in a Tin
Wilhelmina Soft Mints in a Tin
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