Dutch Food Gift Baskets

Need a great Dutch gift and you've got a deadline? Our gift baskets say "thank you" or "I'm thinking about you" in a special way. And they ship the next business day!

Designed for the Dutch coffee, tea, sweets, or licorice lover, they are made with imported traditional Dutch foods and include a special Dutch gift item. This is a great business or personal gift that you will want to give again and again.

Of course, we have great flexibility in the design of the baskets, so if you would like to modify a basket to match your budget, or to include a special request, be sure to contact us.
Taste of Holland Gift Basket
Dutch Bakker's Gift Basket
Dutch Bakker's (Baker) Gift Basket
Middag Verruken Basket (Afternoon Delight)
Middag Verruken Basket (Afternoon Delight)
Coffee's On! Gift Basket
"Koffee is Klaar" (Coffee's on!) The Ultimate Coffee Gift Basket.
Lekker Voor Tussendoor Drop - Licorice Lovers Basket
"Lekkere Hollandse Drop" (Tasty Dutch Licorice)
Item#Lic. G.B. - delft
Special Day/Birthday Gift Basket
Special Day/Birthday Gift Basket
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