Harlinger (hand-formed / handpainted) - 5" Delft Tiles

Harlinger Handformed / Handpainted Delft Ceramic Tiles
We take pride in offering these extremely high quality tiles made in the Netherlands by Harlinger Aardewerk- en Tegelfabriek. These tiles are completely hand-made and hand-painted by talented artists using centuries-old techniques.

There are many designs available. We stock many of the design tiles here in Holland, Michigan. We can special-order other designs in plain or crackle finishes.

When these tiles are installed in your home, you know you have a unique masterpiece. It would be our pleasure to help you choose tile for your new installation.

When you purchase these tiles, you are assured of a family source of pride for generations to come.

To truly see the coloring, order some samples today - you may return what you don't use in your installation for full credit.

Tile Specifications:

Size- While Harlinger is considered a 5" tile, the exact dimensions of the tile are 5 1/8" x 5 1/8"
Thickness- 1/4 inch
Harlinger Blue Delft Tiles
Harlinger Delft Blue Tiles
Harlinger Multicolored Delft Tiles
Harlinger Field Tile with Oxtail Corners
Harlinger Field Tile with Oxtail Corners
Item#170 ____
Harlinger Field Tile with No Corner Design
Harlinger Field Tile No Corner Design
Harlinger Manganese Tiles
Harlinger hand-formed, hand-painted manganese tiles
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