Dutch Cocoa, Droste Chocolate and De Ruijter Sprinkles

The Dutch are famous for many things... and a love of chocolate is one of them!

Dutch chocolate and cocoa are really the best! Droste has been making chocolate treats for so long that they know all the secrets. Willie Wonka holds nothing on them!

De Ruyter Sprinkles are treat - take a piece of bread, apply some butter, and sprinkle away! Kids love it.

Some of these are seasonal items, and shipping to the Southern US in the summertime can be troublesome because of the heat. Be sure to check back for updates to availability.
DeHeer Small Dutch Chocolate Letters - Milk Chocolate
DeHeer Small Dutch Chocolate Letters Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Advent Calendars
Riegelein Chocolate Santa Gift Bag
Milk Chocolate -Santa Gift Bag
Klett Chocolate Bear Ornament
Droste Chocolate Pastilles
Droste Chocolate Pastilles 100g pkg
Milk Chocolate Shoes - 16 count
Steenland Milk Chocolate Clogs - 16 count package
Item#Choc Shoes
Droste Dutch Cocoa in Box
Droste Dutch Cocoa
250g Van Houten Dutch Cocoa in Tin
250g Van Houten Dutch Cocoa in Tin
De Ruyter Fruit Sprinkles
DeRuijter Vruchten Hagel - 400 gr. Fruit Sprinkles
Item#DR Sprinkles F
De Ruyter Dark or Milk Chocolate Sprinkles
De Ruyter Hagelslag "Chocolate Hail" - 400 gr.
Item#DR sprinkles
De Ruyter Muisjes Pink and White Sprinkles
DeRuijter Muisjes Sprinkles - Sugared Anise Seed
Item#DR Sprinkles
De Ruyter Chocolate Flakes
De Ruijter Chocolate Flakes 300 gr.
Droste Chocolate Gift Box - Assortis or Holland Edition
Droste Chocolate Gift Box- Assortis or Holland Edition - 200 gr.
Droste Chocolate Tulips Gift Box
Droste Chocolate Tulips Gift Box - 175 gr.
Item#Tulips GB
Nusco Sandwich Spreads- Assorted Varieties
Nusco Sandwich Spreads
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