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musical-windmill2553261000 pc Tulip Fields Puzzle
xmastiledai207700112011 Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
xmastiledai107720112011 Kerstmis Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
christmas-tile07700122012 Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
03208007720122012 Kerstmis Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077001307700132013 Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077201307720132013 Kerstmis Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077001407700142014 Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077201407720142014 Kerstmis Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077001507700152015 Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077201507720152015 Kerstmis Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
0770016407700162016 Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077201607720162016 Kerstmis Tile - Blue and White Delft Cermaic
077001707700172017 Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077201707720172017 Kerstmis Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077201807720182018 Kerstmis/Christmas Tile - Blue and White Delft Ceramic
077201907720192019 Blue and White Delft Ceramic Christmas/Kerstmis Tile
seasonpassseasonpass2023 Season Passes to Nelis' Dutch Village
vanhoutentinvanhoutentin250g Van Houten Dutch Cocoa in Tin
0102526162243.75" My Oma Loves Me Mug
0102416162233.75" My Opa Loves Me Mug
birthplate-6in130515 6" Delft Blue Birth Plate
birthtile-blue1507156" Delft Blue Birth Tile
marriagetile-blue1507176" Delft Blue Marriage Tile
marriagetile-multi1507186" Delft Multicolor Marriage Tile
613233561323356" Heart Shaped Cut Out Candy Dish
6multultil6114026" Multicolor Delft "Tulip Girl" Tile
birthtile-poly1507166" Multicolor Delft Birth Tile
8-oz-tub-of-bs-oiBee's Oil8 oz. Tub of Bee's Oil
birthplate-8in1305218" Delft Blue Birth Plate
saltandpeppersets21299 _____9 Wooden Tulips in Wooden Vase
dutchgiftbasket-teaAfternoonDelightAfternoon Delight Gift Box
apekoppenApe-LicApekoppen - Sweet Dutch Licorice
dutchclogs-brown0240 ____Artisan Dutch Clog
duligibaSweetAndSaltyAssorted Sweet and Salty Licorice Gift Box
babbelaarBabbel BulkBabbelaar- Dutch Butterscotch Candy
pitiamuspor260 _______Bicycle Bells - Multicolor
cuckooclock-191452191452Black Forest Chalet Clock by Engstler
marzipanstollen01010 _____Blue & White or Multicolor Delft Ceramic Shoe - 4.75", 6.75" or 8.5"
roydelcupsau130333Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
christmasornaments130336Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
pitiadeblspo130313Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
01170012130308Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
01060022130327Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
tipiti130317Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
royaldelft7003130321Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
smallcanalhouses-18130328Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
smallcanalhouses-1130332Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
roydelfootfr130320Blue and White "Sayings" Tile
10ornamentset56832016Blue and White Ceramic Delft Heart Ornament
saltandpeppersets36530019Blue and White Choo Choo Train Christmas Ornament
270601297753Blue and White Christmas Ball Ornament with Snow
065020294408Blue and White Delft "Kisses" Ornament
191921290752Blue and White Delft - 3D Star Ornament - 3"h
washdayplate1291725Blue and White Delft - Kissing Couple - Beverage Coasters - Set of 4
soaplotiondispenser297820Blue and White Delft 3D Bird Ornament
10ornamentset2290760Blue and White Delft Bell Ornament - 3"h
flowdelmulti291726Blue and White Delft Beverage Coasters - Windmill Scenes - Set of 4
cocoatin290762Blue and White Delft Birdhouse Ornament - 2.75"h
270602297703Blue and White Delft Canalhouse Christmas Ornaments
woodenshoes-tulip2901__Blue and White Delft Canalhouse Series - 4.5" tall
royaldelft6451039527_MintsBlue and White Delft Canister with Wilhelmina Mints
61323376132337Blue and White Delft Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers
6831005297536Blue and White Delft Cat Shaped Teabag Holder
0108603011580.11Blue and White Delft Ceramic Christmas Star Ornament
297776297776Blue and White Delft Ceramic Holy Family Figurine
297777297777Blue and White Delft Ceramic Holy Family Manger Scene
xmaspage46431617Blue and White Delft Ceramic Teapot Ornament
2972042972 ____Blue and White Delft Chalice Style Vase
65391716539172Blue and White Delft Coffee Mug - 3"
dutchnestingdoll2942 ____Blue and White Delft Dutch Windmill
038136115695Blue and White Delft Earrings, oval stone on post
290379290379Blue and White Delft Finger Vase with Windmill & Flower
shepdelmulti290763Blue and White Delft Floral Angel Ornament
250220290820Blue and White Delft Floral plate
64311716431171Blue and White Delft Footed Windmill Coffee Mug - 4.5"
2948031294803Blue and White Delft Handle Cake and Pie Server
marzipan294456Blue and White Delft Hexagon Vase with Windmill motif
297775297775Blue and White Delft Holy Family Scene
special2020h229009 w/BabbelaarsBlue and White Delft Jar with Babbelaars
special2020g229007 w/HopjesBlue and White Delft Jar with Hopjes Candies
special2020f229008 w/Wilhelmina MintsBlue and White Delft Jar with Wilhelmina Mints
107090297822Blue and White Delft Kitten Ornament
297207297207Blue and White Delft Large Round Vase
29013403952 __Blue and White Delft Locking Canisters
012908038660Blue and White Delft Minature Piggy Bank
brusselsmanneke294303Blue and White Delft Mug with Windmill Landscape and Red Tulips
011948115021Blue and White Delft Oval Earring on wire
290131038905Blue and White Delft Penguin Ornament Set
photoframeornament65305___Blue and White Delft Photo Frame Ornaments - Dutch Boy
032081297486Blue and White Delft Reindeer Ornament
wilheminapepermunt12972___Blue and White Delft Round Vase - 4.75" tall
medallion6132338Blue and White Delft Salt & Pepper Shakers with Tray
desupowmetop039502Blue and White delft Santa and Snowman Ornaments
297008297655Blue and White Delft Sitting Kittens Figurine
65304426530442Blue and White Delft Spoon Rest - 8.25"
sailshipdelm038 _____Blue and White Delft Standing Penguin with Earmuffs
delmultil038 ____Blue and White Delft Standing Penguin with Pom-Pom Cap
291510291510Blue and White Delft Sugar & Creamer Set with Tray
special2020b6539662 w/TeaBlue and White Delft Tea Cup and Saucer and Choice of Pickwick Tea
gingercottage297754Blue and White Delft Teacup & Saucer Ornament
special2020c20005/297564Blue and White Delft Tulip Mug and Douwe Egberts Coffee
10ornamentset1297805Blue and White Delft Windmill Landscape Christmas Ornament
6530010039531Blue and White Delft Windmill Ornament Set
lightsaltlicorice2789 ___Blue and White Delft Windmill Scene Tiles
precmomentskees2944___Blue and White Delft Windmill with Holland
windmillcookies060109Blue and White Floral Paper Napkins - 20 per pack
120260297970Blue and White Landscape Ball Ornament - 3"
2903316530 _____Blue and White Light Switch Cover Plate
largecanalhouses-170601 ______Blue and White or Multi-Color Espresso Mugs - 2.5" Tall
royaldelft70066839502Blue and White Santa Dangle Legs Ornament
santa-ornament-set6839501Blue and White Snowman Ornament
chocolatedolls297750Blue and White Snowman Ornament with Orange Shoes
zoutknoopjes2972 ___Blue and White Square Delft Vase - 6" tall
01087512297305Blue and White Tulip Design Coffee Mug
coffeegrinder060101Blue and White Windmill Scene Paper Napkins - 20 per pack
12ornament36431619Blue Delft Ceramic Dutch Girl Ornament
01024311060112Blue Delft Floral Mug with Spoon
0108602294406Blue Delft Plate with Windmill, Canal, Farm Scene
080104080104Blue Delft Shoes Ornament - Windmill Decoration
birthplate-giftbasket294400Blue Delft Small Plate of a Bicycle with Tulip Basket
01067212060090Blue Delft Windmill Mug with Spoon
060028271186Blue Delft Wooden Shoes Salt & Pepper Shakers
walnutframe310660Blue Umbrella with Bicycle and Windmill Decoration
oldwortradde051031Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Old World Trades Series
birdelblutil057011Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Birds Series
shepdelbluti051521Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Child's Play Series
flowbasdelbl053781Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Flowers in Vase Series
flowdelbluti051661Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Flowers Series
fruitbowdelb053771Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Fruit Basket Series
goldelblutil057141Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Golfers Series
landelblutil057061Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Landscapes Series
sailshipdelb052211Blueware Blue and White Delft Tile - Sailing Ships Series
windelblutil057181Blueware Delft Blue and White Tile - Windmill Series
delftbluetiles057110Blueware Field Tile - no corner decoration
ticodespti057111Blueware Field Tile w/ Corner Decoration
birdelmultil057012Blueware Mulitcolor Delft Tile - Birds Series
oldwortradde1051522Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Child's Play Series
flowbasdelmu053782Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Flowers in a Vase Series
oxcordecspac051662Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Flowers Series
fruitbowdelm053772Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Fruit Baskets Series
landelmultil057062Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Landscapes Series
shepincirdel051032Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Old World Trades Series
shepincirdel1052212Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Ships Series
windelmultil057182Blueware Multicolor Delft Tile - Windmill Series
boerderijBoer-LicBoerderij - Medium Salty Dutch Licorice
kruidnootjeschocolatechockruidnootjesBolletje Chocolade Mix Kruidnoten
dutchruskRuskBolletje Dutch Rusk
kaneelsterrencinnamonstarsBolletje Kaneel Sterren
noname3710004Book, "Dutch Costumes - A Look into the Past"
bordebyrier673000Book, "Royal Delft" by Rick Erickson
sinterklaasbook993200Booklet, "A Dutch Christmas: The Legend of Sinterklaas"
011530011530Brass Ornament Stand - 8"
011710011710Brass Stand for Blue Delft Ceramic Egg
burnedwoodweatherhouseclock190901190901Burned Wood Weatherhouse with Thermometer - 6" tall
2901373105 ___Camp Mug Set with Holland and Windmill
68393186839318Canalhouse Christmas Ornament
giftcertificate50039856Canalhouse Condiment Set - Oil, Vinegar, Salt & Pepper with Tray
12ornaments26431552Canalhouse Scene Blue and White Delft Ceramic Ornament
caramel-sticksCaramel-SticksCaramel Sticks - Sweet/Salty Salmiak Dutch Licorice
294570038303Ceramic "Holland" Mug with Multicolor Tulip Design
6539057PigBankCeramic Blue and White Delft Piggy Bank
65390536539053Ceramic Blue Delft Cat Coin Bank
070023070023Ceramic Shoe Blue Delft Coin Bank
290335Grey SwtshCharcoal Grey Sweatshirt with Holland and Great Lakes Logo
2901356431613Cheese Slicer with Blue and White Delft Handle
sintpiettaaitaaiChefBkPanPofChef's Bakery Pannenkoeken & Poffertjes Mix
250160251204Child's - 100 piece Starry Night Puzzle - Van Gogh
slippers-miffyblue1209__Child's slippers with Miffy character and tulips
chilteaset136530385Children's Tea Set - 13 piece
dutchgiftbasket-licoriceAssortChocBoxChocolate Lovers Gift Box
291612LoungePantsComfy Lounge Pants with Pockets
dvcookbook180001Cookbook, "A Bit of Old Holland" Recipes from Dutch Village
fadaydugiba31089 ___Cuddle Doll in Dutch Costume and Lace Hat
mediumsaltlicoriceMiniStroopDaelman's Mini Stroopwafels
douweegbertsexcellentHagelMiniDe Ruiter Mini Assorted Sprinkles
deruspcoderuiterspecDe Ruiter Speculaas Cookies - 400 gr.
deruijterflakesderuyterflakesDe Ruyter Chocolate Flakes
deruytersprinklesDR sprinklesDe Ruyter Dark or Milk Chocolate Sprinkles
vruchtenhagelDR Sprinkles FDe Ruyter Fruit Sprinkles
deruytermuisjesDR SprinklesDe Ruyter Muisjes Pink and White Sprinkles
slippers-miffyorange1207_____Decorated Wooden Shoe Pencil Sharpener and Golf Pencils
6431589PurpleTDeep Purple Short-Sleeve T-shirt with Pink, White, Silver and Green Holland Michigan
chocolatelettersCLDeHeer Small Dutch Chocolate Letters - Milk Chocolate
delft-teapot65395446539544Delft Blue Cat Shaped Teapot 6.5"
delft-doorplates29170 __Delft Blue Doorplates
delft-dish291474291474Delft Blue Floral Design Oval Dish
delft-saltandpeppertray291478Delft Blue Salt & Pepper Set with Tray
2975011203___Delft Blue Slippers with Tulip and Windmill
delft-tealightholder6431607Delft Blue Votive 7 Candle Holder
65301076530107Delft Blue Windmill Coffee Mug or Tea Cup
delft-millcookiejar6530110Delft Blue Windmill Cookie Jar
delft-cupsaucer291530291530Delft Blue Windmill Cup & Saucer
delft-dish291475291475Delft Blue Windmill Design Oval Dish
delft-teapot291463291463Delft Blue Windmill Design Teapot 4.75"
65301096530109Delft Blue Windmill Teapot
010946134013Delft Coffee Mug - Vermeer - Girl with Pearl Earring
011946134014Delft Coffee Mug - Vermeer - Milk Maid
134010-4134010Delft Coffee Mug - Windmill
unicaurn294309Delft Mug with Bicycle Motif and Tulip Basket
294113294113Delft Oval Box
011546-12011546.12DeWit 16pc Handpainted Blue and White Delft Nativity Set
015915015915DeWit 6" Delft Tile
015246015246DeWit Delft "Dutch Way of Life" Beer Stein - 5"
dewdelbluelf010_____DeWit Delft Blue Elephant Figurine
dewdelbluwin010854.12DeWit Delft Blue Windmill 4.75"
010567010567___DeWit Delft Handpainted Spoon Rest - 8.25"
0107601010760 ___DeWit Delft Handpainted Teapot, 10"
010771010771 ___Dewit Delft Handpainted Teapot, 5.5"
0107612010761 ___DeWit Delft Polychrome Teapot, 6.25"
dewdelteapbl010761 ___DeWit Delft Teapot, 6.25"
01000411010004____DeWit Handpainted Bell Ornament - Floral Design
0100051010005___DeWit Handpainted Blue and White Delft Bell
sinterklaas01152712010740.12DeWit Handpainted Blue and White Delft Butterfly
delft-canister291135010515 ______DeWit Handpainted Blue and White Delft Ceramic Butter Dish with Cow
294640010799.12DeWit Handpainted Blue and White Delft Malteze Puppy - 4" tall
tealightcandles011948.12Dewit Handpainted Blue and White Delft Vase - 7" tall
010562010562___DeWit Handpainted Blue and White Salt & Pepper Set
010957010957 ___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Candle Holder, 4.25"
010954010954.12DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Candle Holder, 5.5"
010660010660.12DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Cat Figurine
01067312010673.12DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Cat Figurine - 4"
010778010778 ___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Coffee Cup, 4"
dewdelblucow010569___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Cow Creamer 4" Tall
010039010039___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Five-Finger Tulip Vase
010406010406 ___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Footed Dish, 6.25"
019857019857.11DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Musical Windmill 7.5"
019856019856.11DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Musical Windmill 7.5"
011777011777-xxDeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Opa & Oma Mugs
010404010404 ______DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Plate, 12" - Windmill or Floral Design
010318010318. _____DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Plate, 7"
010322010322 ______DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Plate, 8.75"
010923010923 ___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Serving Plate, 5.5"
011950010568 __DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Spoon Display Rack
010752010752___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Sugar & Creamer Set
010762010762___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Sugar & Creamer Set
10095010095.11DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Vase, 12"
dewvasbluflo010715 ___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Vase, 7"
010096010096__DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Vase, 8"
010853010853 ___DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Windmill 8"
010483010483_12DeWit Handpainted Blue Delft Windmill 9.5"
010777010777___DeWit Handpainted Coffee Mug, 4"
010006010006 ____DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue & White Bell
010666010666.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue & White Covered Dish
01009111010091 ____DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue & White Pitcher, 7.5"
010284010284.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue & White Six Sided Covered Dish
01008611010086 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Covered Ginger Jar, 6"
0109471010947.11DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Covered Jar - 12"
010078010078 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Covered Jar, 15"
010945010945 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Covered Jar, 17"
010947010948 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Covered Jar, 9" tall
0109481010948.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Covered Jar, 9.5"
010254010254 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Covered Jar, Smooth Sides, 11"
010246010246 ____DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue and White Delft Covered Jar - 13"
010251010251 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Bud Vase, 7"
010902010902 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Covered Cookie Jar, 7.5"
010501010501 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Fluted Vase, 10.25"
010502010502 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Footed Vase, 6.25"
01025711010257.11DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher with Two Handles, 10"
010092010092.11DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher, 10.5"
0107011010701 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher, 4.75"
01024211010242___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher, 6.25", Windmill Design
010702010702 _____DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher, 6.5"
010767010767DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher, 7.25"
010703010703 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher, 7.5"
01026811010268 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Pitcher, 8.25"
01024111011947.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Six-Sided Vase - 9" tall
010200010200 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 11"
011945011945 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 12"
01002511010025___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 4.25"
010345010345 ____DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 5.5"
010381010381 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 5.5"
01008011010080 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 6"
01005411010054 ____DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 6.25"
010089010089___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 8"
01005011010050___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 8.75"
010281010281___DeWit Handpainted Delft Blue Vase, 9.25"
010951010951DeWit Handpainted Delft Candle Holder, 8"
010511010511DeWit Handpainted Delft Canisters, 5"
01068012010680.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Cat Figurine
0107751010775 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Clock 10"
dewcookwitde010503.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Cookie Jar - Blue Floral
010903010903.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Cross 7.5"
011712011712 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Egg
01069912010699.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Horse Figurine 5"
01069812010698.12DeWit Handpainted Delft Horse Figurine 8"
010549010549 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Napkin Holders
010202010202 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Planter, 5.25"
010186010186 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Planter, 5.75"
010203010203 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Planter, 6.25"
010098010098 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Planter, 7.75"
0107752010775.21DeWit Handpainted Delft Polychrome Clock - 10"
0106662010666.22DeWit Handpainted Delft Polychrome Covered Dish
0107012010701____DeWit Handpainted Delft Polychrome Pitcher, 4.75"
0107671010767____DeWit Handpainted Delft Polychrome Pitcher, 7.25"
0105672010567 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Polychrome Spoon Rest
010950010950.23DeWit Handpainted Delft Red Tulip Design Covered Jar - 6.75"
010757010757___DeWit Handpainted Delft Tea Cup and Saucer
0107511010751 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Teapot, 7.5"
012762012762____DeWit Handpainted Delft Unica Sugar & Creamer Set
012761012761 ___DeWit Handpainted Delft Unica Teapot
010851010851 _____DeWit Handpainted Delft Windmill 10"
0104811010481____DeWit Handpainted Delft Windmill 11"
010859010859 _____DeWit Handpainted Delft Windmill 16.5"
012502-32012502.42DeWit Handpainted Finja Tea Canister, 3.75"
010327010327 ___DeWit Handpainted Floral Design Blue Delft Plate , 10.5"
americangirlcostumes010097.11DeWit Handpainted Footed Planter - 5.5" h
dewitornaments010052 ____DeWit Handpainted Footed Vase - 8.75" tall
sinterklaas01149012011436.42DeWit Handpainted Madonna Figurine
011470-12011470.12DeWit Handpainted Nativity Piece - Donkey
011477-12011477.12DeWit Handpainted Nativity Piece - Joseph
01008621010086 ___DeWit Handpainted Poly Colored Ginger Jar - 6"
0105692010569____DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Cow Creamer, 4" Tall
010005010005 ____DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Bell
0100781010078 ___DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Covered Jar - 15"
010242010242 ____DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Pitcher, 6.25
0104041010404 ___DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Plate, 12"
0107622010762___DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Sugar & Creamer Set
0105012010501____DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Vase, 10.25"
0102002010200 ___DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Vase, 11"
0100252010025 __DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Vase, 4.5"
0103452010345__DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Vase, 5.5"
0105022010502___DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Vase, 6.25"
0107152010715 ___ DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Vase, 7"
0100892010089___DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft Vase, 8"
0103812010381__DeWit Handpainted Polychrome Delft, 5.5"
012950-41011420 ____DeWit Handpainted Tea For One Set
0119501011950 ___DeWit Handpainted Vases with Tulip Design
01152712sale011527 ____DeWit Lg Ball Christmas Ornament - Blue Floral or Traditional Windmill Design
sinterklaas01148812011488.12DeWit Sinterklaas Figurine- 16cm
sinterklaas01152311011523 _____DeWit Spindle Christmas Ornament
sinterklaas01152412011524 ____DeWit Top Shape Christmas Ornament
019730019730DeWit Windmill Designs Canister - 4.75"
dearomaroodreg2000xxDouwe Egberts Aroma Rood Dutch Coffee
douweegberts-puregold200012Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee
douweegbertswholebean200011Douwe Egberts Whole Bean Regular Dutch Coffee - 500g
dropharingendropharingenDropharingen - Medium Salty Dutch Licorice
drosteassortischocgiftboxDroste Chocolate Gift Box - Assortis
drostepastillesPastillesDroste Chocolate Pastilles
drostetulipsboxTulips GBDroste Chocolate Tulips Gift Box
drostecocoaBoxCocoaDroste Dutch Cocoa in Box
dubbelzoutDZ-LicDubbel Zout - Heavily Salted Dutch Licorice
aniseAnise BulkDutch Anise- Licorice Flavored Hard Candy
douweegbertsinstantmarzckieDutch Bakery Marzipan Cookies
ryebreadryebreadDutch Bakery Rye Bread
hellemaamandelDutchBakeryDutch Bakery Speculaas Cookies
sintnestingdolls294402Dutch Bicycles in blue with Tulip Bouquets
delft-hangingsaltbox6130424Dutch Boy and Girl Salt and Pepper Shaker Set -3.25"
xmaspage5125_____Dutch Cloggie Wooden Toys - Car, Airplane, Helicopter and Bulldozer
eetsmakelijk180002Dutch Cookbook- Eet Smakelijk
canisterset6431621Dutch Girl with Tulips Ceramic Ornament
birthtile-giftbasketGiftBoxDutch Sampler Gift Box
seasontiles0159 ____Dutch Seasonal Tiles
tipiti1DutchTraditionsDutch Traditions Gift Box
spoonrestpoly614201Eet Smakelijk Spoon Rest
64316146431614Embossed Tulip Coffee Mug - 3.5"
64316156431615Embossed Windmill Coffee Mug - 3.5"
englishlicoriceEng-LicEnglish Licorice - Sweet Licorice
cuckooclock-194130194130Engstler Cuckoo Clock with Chimney Sweep - 9" tall
cuckooclock-195221195221Engstler Cuckoo Clock with leaf Pendulum - 9"
cuckooclock-191933191933Engstler Cuckoo Clock with Seesaw and Swinging Doll
cuckooclock-19429219429___Engstler Cuckoo Clock with Steeple - 11"
cuckooclock-191912191912Engstler Cuckoo Clock with Swinging Doll
cuckooclock-195225198710Engstler German Cuckoo Clock w/Moving Train - 13.75" Tall
springdollseesaw-191932195352Engstler German Cuckoo Clock with Pendulum - 16"
dutchclog-entrepreneur0270____Entrepreneur Dutch Clog
dutchgiftbasket-coffeeFamilyHolidayBoxFamily Holiday Sweet Treat Gift Box
dutchclog-fleuriste0260_____Fleuriste Dutch Clog
fruit-mounties-licoriceFruit-MountiesFruit Mounties - Sweet Dutch Licorice
jellomolds653 _____Fruit Themed Delft Wall Decoration
rodecocadiFudgeFudge - Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Java Chip, or Oreo Cream
swingdollseesaw-191462194182German Clock with Park Bench and Pine Tree - 7"
springdoll-191441191441German Clock with Spring Movement - 7"
kidsonseesawclock-191101191101German clock, Kids on Seesaw - 4" tall
cuckooclock-194901194901German Cuckoo Clock - 11" tall
cuckooclock-195331195331German Cuckoo Clock - 15" Tall
cuckooclock-196402196402German Cuckoo Clock - 18" Tall
cuckooclock-194341194341German Cuckoo Clock - 9.75"
cuckooclock-197461197461German Engstler 8-day Cuckoo Clock - 24" Tall
cuckooclock-194251194251German Engstler Chalet Style Cuckoo Clock - 8.75"
cuckooclock-199221199221German Engstler Cuckoo Clock - 12"
cuckooclock-199388199388German Engstler Cuckoo Clock - Grapes/Fox/Bird - 18"
cuckooclock-195321194712German Engstler Cuckoo Clock, Alpine Theme - 13"
weatherhousewindup-19235119235___German Weatherhouse Clock - 7.5"
giceGiftCertGift Certificates
heavysaltlicoriceGF StroopsGluten Free Stroopwafels - 8 ct
zoutgriottenGrio-LicGriotten - Sweet Dutch Licorice
sinterklaas01148842011488.42Handpainted Unica Delft Blue Sinterklaas Figurine
harlingerbwdesignHarlingerBlueHarlinger Blue Delft Tiles
harfieldnocorner170400Harlinger Field Tile with No Corner Design
harfieldcorners170 ____Harlinger Field Tile with Oxtail Corners
harlingerpolydesignHarlingerPolyHarlinger Multicolored Delft Tiles
cuckooclock-19183319183 __Heidi's Chalet Clock with swinging doll by Engstler
heksehyl-zouteHeksehyl-ZouteHeksehyl Zoute (Heksen Drop) - Moderately Salty Licorice
speculaasintinSpec-TinHellema Speculaas in Tin
hellemaoriginalOrig-SpecHellema Speculaas- The Original
29013631075xHolland Netherlands Stroopwafel Tin
250270tshirt1Holland, Michigan Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
honeydropHoney-LicHoney Drop - Sweet Dutch Licorice
hopjesHopjes BulkHopjes- Coffee Flavored Candy
frijlingbanketbanketImported Dutch Banket - Boxed
muntdropMunt-LicK & H Munt Drop - Lightly Salted Dutch Licorice
katjesdropKatjesKatjes Drop - Sweet Dutch Licorice
kingoriginalKingRollsKing Original Peppermint Rolls- 4 Pack
largecanalhouses-18294301Kissing Couple Delft Blue and WhiteMug - 4" tall
kokindjesKokKokindjes - Lightly Salted Dutch Licorice
pannenkoekenKMPKKoop Mans Pannenkoeken
kleurendropOlieMuffinKoopmans Oliebollen Muffin Mix
honeyjarKMPMKoopmans Poffertjes Mix - 14 oz
krakelingenKrakel.Krakelingen - Puff Pastry Biscuits
kruidnotenkruidnootjesKruid Nootjes
2903326431554Landscape Scene Blue and White Delft Ceramic Ornament
290127290705Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Anne Frank House
290132290707Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Bordello
290125290704Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Chocolatier
290133290708Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Coffee Shop
290128290706Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Klompen Shop
290122290701Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Rembrandt House
290124290703Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Souvenir Shop
290123290702Large Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Flower & Plant Shop
294655294655Large Delft Applique Peacock Design
294645294645Large Delft Applique Windmill
2901301299___Large Wooden Shoe with 3 Wooden Tulips
lighthouse-decorated-wooden-bowlLH BowlLighthouse Decorated Wooden Bowl
dutchclog-black0250 ____Maestro Dutch Clog
oakframemarzbarMarzipan Bar - 100g (3.5 oz.)
294635294635Medium Delft Applique Vertical Windmill
012046012046___Medium Delft Finja Applique Windmill
wooden-shoewooden-shoe-licoriceMeenk Wooden Shoe Sweet Licorice
chocolateorangemilkmens_hatMen's Dutch Hats
adventcalendaradventcalendarMilk Chocolate Advent Calendars
chocolatecoinsmilkchoccoinsMilk Chocolate Coins
michshChoc ShoesMilk Chocolate Shoes - 16 count
rotellajojo0600xxMulti-color Bicycle or Floral Theme Umbrella
129928129928Multi-color Tulip Baseball Style Cap
010963310482Multi-color Tulip Beverage Coasters - Set of 6
134011060110Multi-color Tulip Paper Napkin - 20 per pack
060030273857Multi-Color Windmill Scene Beverage Coasters - set of 6
harlekijntjes039926Multi-color, Various Dutch Scene Beverage Coasters - set of 6
giftcertificate25039291Multicolor Boxed Mug Set - 4.75" tall
delcoffilhol010102 ______Multicolor Ceramic shoe with Blue and Yellow Tulip
sinterklaas01148822011488.22Multicolored DeWit Delft Sinterklaas Figurine
speculaaspopjesspeculaaspopjesNipius Speculaas Popjes - 4 pack
special2020e060018 w/sharpener choiceNotebook with Pencils and Wooden Shoe Pencil Sharpener
nuscospreadsNuscoSpreadNusco Sandwich Spreads- Assorted Varieties
sneewmannenBanketWreathOld Mill Boxed Banket Wreath
pepernotenpepernotenPepernoten Gingerbread Nut Cookies
weddingplate010327_PPersonalized Blue & White DeWit Delft Wedding/Anniversary Plate
pickwickteasPickwickTeaPickwick Dutch Tea
pink-pig-headPink-Pig-HeadPink Pig Head - Sweet Licorice
plain-wooden-bowlPL BowlPlain Wooden Bowl
01024511070606Plastic Placemat - "The Skinny Bridge"
29033403 _____Playing Card Decks
poffertjespanpofferpanPoffertjes Pan
xmaspage1Pan and Mix setPoffertjes Pan and Mix Set
popcorn-decorated-wooden-bowlPC BowlPopcorn Decorated Wooden Bowl
250110250110Puzzle - 100 piece Oudezijds Voorburgwal puzzle
250150250150Puzzle - 500 piece Jodenbreestraat puzzle
woodenshoes-redtulipwindmill1230____Red Wooden Shoes with Tulip and Windmill Design
santaornamentsRiegeleinSintBagRiegelein Chocolate Sinterklaas Gift Bag
ring-of-tulips-design-wooden-bowlRT BowlRing of Tulips Design Wooden Bowl
rockiesRockies-LicRockies - Sweet Dutch Licorice
64315986431598Rocking Horse Christmas Ornament
royaldelft8015098015Royal Delft 14cm Flat Round Vase
royaldelft5003095003Royal Delft 14cm Pitcher
royaldelft8008098008Royal Delft 17cm Bud Vase
roydelpit095002Royal Delft 17cm Pitcher
royaldelft3045093045Royal Delft 18cm Vase
royaldelft3003093003Royal Delft 19cm Covered Jar
royaldelft4001094001Royal Delft 20cm Jar with Lid
royaldelft3039093039Royal Delft 26cm Covered Jar
royaldelft8043098043Royal Delft 28.5cm Bud Vase
royaldelft3021093021Royal Delft 30cm Covered Jar
091060091060Royal Delft Blue and White Floral Large 12" Round Bowl
091032091032Royal Delft Bowl - 9" Round
rodeca091085Royal Delft Candleholder
091140091140Royal Delft Coffee Cup & Saucer
091069091069Royal Delft Covered Table Box - 5" x 5" x 2"
royaldelft2231096412Royal Delft Decorative Bell
091186091186Royal Delft Demi Cup and Saucer
rodedumanfi091142Royal Delft Dutch Man Figurine
rodeduwofi091143Royal Delft Dutch Woman Figurine
royaldelftbowl091001Royal Delft Floral Bowl - 11" Round
rodefocodi091010Royal Delft Footed Covered Dish
091019091019Royal Delft Hexagon Dish
rodehoap092016Royal Delft Horizontal Applique
roydelcowfig091071Royal Delft Large Cow Figurine
royaldelft1149091149Royal Delft Long Tray
royaldelft6450096450Royal Delft Miniature Duck Figurine
091185091185Royal Delft Mokka Cup and Saucer
royaldelft2068092068Royal Delft Plate- "Tree of Life" Design
royaldelft2007092007Royal Delft Plate- Bird Design 18cm
royaldelft9604139604.13Royal Delft Plate- Blommers 29cm
royaldelft2005092005Royal Delft Plate- Floral Design 11cm
royaldelft2204092204Royal Delft Plate- Floral Design 18cm
royaldelft2213092058Royal Delft Plate- Floral Design 22.5cm
royaldelft2232092232Royal Delft Plate- Floral Design 24cm
royaldelft2230092230Royal Delft Plate- Peacock Design 23cm
royaldelft9061099061Royal Delft Plate- Peacock Design 34cm
royaldelft205003092050.03Royal Delft Plate- Windmill Design 11.5cm
royaldelft205403092054.03Royal Delft Plate- Windmill Design 14cm
royaldelft204903092049.03Royal Delft Plate- Windmill Design 15cm
royaldelft203803092038.03Royal Delft Plate- Windmill Design 22cm
royaldelft902603099026.03Royal Delft Plate- Windmill Design 29cm
proudmary094 _____Royal Delft Proud Mary Figurines - 6.5" tall
091150091150Royal Delft Rectangular Dish - 3.75"l x 2.5"w
recfisplat091105Royal Delft Rectangular Fish Plate
roderocojar091003Royal Delft Round Covered Jar
roderoteajar091108Royal Delft Round Tea Jar
094008094008Royal Delft Round Tea Jar - 20 cm
091120091120Royal Delft Scalloped Plate - 4" dia
royaldelft1179091179Royal Delft Short Single Candleholder
rodesmbo091011Royal Delft Small Bowl
rodesmcowfi091068Royal Delft Small Cow Figurine
royaldelft6401096401Royal Delft Small Man Figurine
royaldelft6402096402Royal Delft Small Woman Figurine
091152091152Royal Delft Teapot - 5.5" x 6.5"
092071092071Royal Delft Tree/Floral Plate - 7" dia
royaldelftvase098031Royal Delft Vase - 10"
038146098026Royal Delft Vase - 14.5 cm
291530093040Royal Delft Vase - 18 cm
098012098012Royal Delft Vase - 20 cm
093022093022Royal Delft Vase - 8" h
098104098104Royal Delft Vase - Blue Floral - 4" tall
royaldelft8085098085Royal Delft Vase w/ Two Handles
royaldelft3004093004Royal Delft Vase- Floral Design 5.25in
royaldelft8032098032Royal Delft Vase- Floral Design 6.75in
rodeveap092119Royal Delft Vertical Applique
rodewicupsa091128Royal Delft Windmill Cup & Saucer
rodewosh091070Royal Delft Wooden Shoe
salmiak-riksensalmiak-riksenSalmiak Riksen - sweet/salty licorice
salmiak-rockiesSalmiak-RockiesSalmiak Rockies - Sweet, Filled Dutch Licorice
schoolkrijtChalk-LicSchool Krijt - Sweet Dutch Licorice
schuinzoutSch-Z-LicSchuine Zout - Medium Salty Dutch Licorice
special2020d060117/200005Set of (4) Blue and White Floral Mugs and Douwe Egberts Coffee
woodenshoes-windmill034887Set of 2 Ball Ornaments - Windmill Scene and Kissing Kids Scene
ornamentset2297800and297801Set of 2 Blue Delft Ceramic Tulip Ornaments
65301416530141ABCDSet of 4 Canalhouse Canisters
set-of-5-wooden-popcorn-bowl5popSet of 5 Wooden Popcorn Bowls
set-of-7-wooden-popcorn-bowl7popSet of 7 Wooden Popcorn Bowls
laduswgiba111608Silver Plated Cat Shaped Pendant Necklace with Blue Delft Stone
010850111644Silver Plated Heart Shaped Locket with Blue and White Delft Stone
potpourripitcher111065Silver Plated Necklace with Large Oval Shaped Delft Stone
single-tulip-decorated-wooden-bowlST BowlSingle Tulip Decorated Wooden Bowl
sinterklaas079165079165Sinterklaas Ceramic Figurine- 16cm
0107112910 ____Sinterklaas Commemorative 7.5" Plates
cookiemold229945Sinterklaas Cookie Mold
dutchbakersbasketSinterklaasBoxSinterklaas Gift Box
sinterklaas307952307952Sinterklaas on Horse Ornament
sinterklaas307880307880Sinterklaas with Staff Ornament
sinterklaas307949307949Sinterklaas with Zwarte Piet Ornament
sinterklaas307950307950Sinterklaas, seated with Zwarte Piet
slippers-pink1206__Slippers - Pink with Kissing Couple
slippers-redtulip1204___Slippers - Red with Tulip and Windmill Decoration
slippers-bluedelft1205__Slippers - Traditional Blue and White Delft design
290325290805Small Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Anne Frank House
290327290807Small Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Bordello
290324290804Small Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Chocolatier
290326290806Small Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Klompen Shop
290323290803Small Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Souvenir Shop
290328290808Small Canalhouse -.......Blue Delft........ - Coffee Shop
290129290129Small Canalhouse-Blue Delft-Lichtekooi Trapgevel
290121290121Small Canalhouse-Blue Delft-Puntgevel
290322290802Small Canalhouse
Blue Delft
Flower & Plant Shop
290321290801Small Canalhouse
Blue Delft
Rembrandt House
2501201299 ____Small Wooden Shoe with Single Tulip
plainwoodsho1114 ___Solar Flower Lantern
americangirlshoes020412.5Souvenir Doll Wooden Shoes
010572260____Souvenir Novelty Dutch Socks
minishoes0204_______Souvenir Personalized Wooden Shoes
290333040702. ____Souvenir Wooden Shoe Ornaments - 2.75" l
speculaasspicespeculaasspiceSpeculaas Spice
st12bu4cospeculaasbrokkenSpeculaasbrokken (De Molen's Banket)
2903396431556Spindle Shaped Blue and White Delft Ceramic Ornament
64315566832025Spindle Shaped Ornament with Windmill Design
michigan-decorated-wooden-bowlSOM BowlState of Michigan Decorated Wooden Bowl
smallcanalhouses-8StroopCakeMixStroopwafel Cake Mix with Stroopwafels
130034310764 StroopStroopwafel Christmas Tin and Stroopwafels
opamugRipVanStroopStroopwafel Cookies
stroopwafels2pkstroop2pkStroopwafels - 2 pack
st10bu10costroop100Stroopwafels 100% Butter- 10 count - Dutch Waffle Cookie
st128costroop12Stroopwafels 12% Butter - 8 count
dutchgiftbasket-sweetsSweetsGiftBoxTaste of Holland Sweets Gift Box
xmaspage60600XXTea Towels/Hand Towels - Windmills, Kissing Kids, Cheese, Bicycles
68380916838091Teardrop Shaped Blue Delft Christmas Ornament
pickwickdutchtea-asst0600 ____Terry Towel - with Windmills or Kissing Kids
190451190451Thermometer Weatherhouse - 5.25" tall
trollstixTrollstix-LicTrollstix - Sweet Dutch Licorice
290126294879Tulip Applique
sinterklaasnestingdoll038311Tulip Design Coffee Mug
delft-rollingpin6599184Tulip Shaped Blue and White Delft Egg Cup
sinterklaas01148742011487.42Unica Delft Blue Sinterklaas Figurine- 31cm
sinterklaas01148642011486.42Unica Sinterklaas Figurine- 41cm
woodenshoes-varnishedtulipwindmill1240 ____Varnished Wooden Shoes with Tulip and Windmill Design
vencotopdropTopDropRollsVenco Top Drop Licorice Rolls- 4 Pack
294572291504Vermeer Blue and White Applique of The Girl with the Pearl Earring
250170LS HoodieVintage Long Sleeve Hoodie T-Shirt
weatherhouse-clock190101190101Weatherhouse - 4" Tall
weddinganniversary-decorated-wooden-bowlWD BowlWedding/Anniversary Decorated Wooden Bowl
suikerpowderBagMintsWilhelmina Mints and Blue Delft Shoes Ornament
xmaspage3wilhelminatinWilhelmina Mints in Blue and White Tin - 15.8 oz
wilhelminapepermuntwilhelm100gWilhelmina Pepermunt (Peppermint) Box- 100g
wilhelminarollWilRoll3pkWilhelmina Peppermint Rolls- 3 Pack - 120g
wilhelminaWilhel-BulkWilhelmina Peppermints- Bulk
xmaswilhelminapepermuntWhlminaSoftMintsWilhelmina Softmints in a Tin
largewindmillmold229940Windmill Cookie Mold - Large
mediumwindmillmold229920Windmill Cookie Mold - Medium
smallwindmillmold229900Windmill Cookie Mold - Mini
windmill-decorated-wooden-bowlWM BowlWindmill Decorated Wooden Bowl
windec4cupte653021____&cupsWindmill Decoration 4 Cup Teapot and Cups in Blue and White Delft Ceramic
6530211653021 ___Windmill or Floral Design 4 Cup Blue Delft Teapot
2502603104xxWindmill Pinwheels - 19" tall
0108601women's hatWomen's Dutch Hat
pastillesgb129 ____Wooden Jar with 3 Wooden Tulips
smallcanalhouses-16129908Wooden Jar with 6 Wooden Tulips - 6.5" tall
birthplate-10in120633_____Wooden Pencil with Wooden shoe
woodenpencils1283______Wooden Pencil with wooden tulip
12-wooden-spoon--fork-sWoodenUtensilsWooden Serving Utensil Set - 12"
woodenshoes-strap120____Wooden Shoe Bank
2975511206 ____Wooden Shoe Bottle Opener
07912631031__Wooden Shoe Sailing Ship - 5.5" Tall
woodenshoes-voc1220xxWooden Shoes - VOC - dark brown
woodenshoes-bluedelft1260___Wooden Shoes Delft Blue Decoration
woodenshoes-farmer0205 _____Wooden Shoes Farmer Decoration
woodenshoes-plain0201_____Wooden Shoes Plain Wood Sanded
129000129000Wooden Tulip Bouquet in blue and white delft vase
128000128000Wooden Tulip Bouquet with Bag - 8" tall
pedestaltulips12 ________Wooden Tulip on Pedestal - 3.25" or 8"
smallcanalhouses-4124xxxWooden Tulip Pen (assorted colors)
128100128_____Wooden Tulips - 14" tall
8inwoodentulips127 _____Wooden Tulips - 8" tall
2903370388 ____Wooden Windmill Pinwheel - 13" tall
slippers-farmer1202___Yellow Farmer Wooden Shoe Slippers
zaansedropZaanse-LicZaanse Drop - Sweet Dutch Licorice
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